Jonathan Trudel

Jonathan Trudel: Championing Sustainability and Global Exploration

Discover Jonathan Trudel’s remarkable journey, from excelling in sports and pursuing a double major in German & Political Science to shaping sustainable change in Climate Tech. Follow his adventures across diverse cultures and breathtaking ski terrains worldwide.

About Jonathan

Jonathan Trudel’s journey began amidst the picturesque mountains of Southern Vermont, where his deep-rooted connection to the outdoors flourished from an early age. Excelling in sports during his high school years at Burr & Burton Academy, he showcased his prowess in varsity soccer, ski racing, and lacrosse, leaving an indelible mark on the field.

His thirst for knowledge led him to Hartwick College in Oneonta, New York, where he embarked on a journey of academic exploration. There, he pursued a double major in German & Political Science, fueled by a passion for language and global affairs. Jonathan’s academic pursuits were further enriched by the prestigious Benjamin A. Gilman Scholarship, affording him the opportunity to immerse himself in the rich cultural tapestry of southern Germany and Austria during his study abroad tenure.

Following his college graduation, Jonathan transitioned to the bustling metropolis of New York City, where he embarked on his professional journey. With a diverse skill set encompassing marketing implementation, account management, business development, and sales, he navigated through various firms, leaving an indelible mark with his innovative contributions.

Currently, Jonathan channels his expertise and passion into the dynamic realm of Climate Tech, where he plays a pivotal role in reshaping the electrical grid landscape of the United States. Through his unwavering commitment and innovative vision, he is at the forefront of driving sustainable change and environmental stewardship.

In his cherished moments of leisure, Jonathan’s adventurous spirit knows no bounds. Having traversed across over 15 countries, he has embraced diverse cultures and landscapes, while indulging his passion for skiing in the breathtaking terrains of Austria, Japan, Colorado, Washington State, Alberta and British Columbia in Canada, as well as his beloved Vermont.

News & Articles

Jonathan Trudel

Jonathan Trudel on Outdoor Enthusiasts and Their Role in Driving Climate Tech Innovation

In a world increasingly conscious of its ecological footprint, the intersection of outdoor enthusiasm and technological innovation has never been more critical. Outdoor enthusiasts, with their intrinsic connection to nature and firsthand experience of environmental challenges, are uniquely positioned to drive forward the innovations needed to combat climate change.

Jonathan Trudel

Jonathan Trudel: Blending Passions for the Outdoors and Innovation in the Climate Tech Space

Jonathan Trudel is a dynamic professional hailing from Sothern, Vermont, with a rich background in business development and sales within the Climate Tech sector. A graduate of Hartwick College with a double major in German and Political Science, Jonathan’s academic and professional paths have been shaped by a profound commitment to sustainability and global awareness, underpinned by the prestigious Benjamin A. Gilman Scholarship.


Innovative Approaches to Green Marketing in the Outdoor Industry

In today’s world, where environmental concerns are at the forefront of societal consciousness, businesses across various industries are adopting green marketing strategies to align with consumer values and contribute positively to the planet. One sector that has been particularly proactive in this regard is the outdoor industry, encompassing activities like hiking, skiing, cycling, and more.